Virtual Reality Simulation

Future-proof your simulation training with VR

Virtual Reality Simulation Benefits

Reduce Errors

VR provides a clinically accurate, interactive experience with demonstrated results in improving clinical decision-making, clinical performance, and communication skills.


VR can easily be deployed to large learner populations across a hospital network training more clinicians in less time.

Cost Effective

VR simulations are more affordable than high-fidelity simulation training, help mitigate incidents and can reduce liability costs.

Engaging Supplement

VR provides an interactive training supplement that learners truly enjoy. VR simulations provide instant feedback on performance and learners can utilize multiple times to improve skills quickly.

Introducing Fire in the OR™

The ECRI Institute estimates that 550 to 600 surgical fires occur each year in the US. Operating room fires are a high risk/low frequency event and teaching staff to effectively deal with operating room fires is challenging with traditional methods. This challenge is why we chose Fire in The OR as our first VR title. Our immersive VR training solution is more affordable than traditional simulation, and learners who trained with VR had a 250% improvement in managing an operating room fire compared to learners with traditional training2.

2 Sankaranarayanan et al, “Immersive Virtual Reality Based Training Improves Responsive In Simulated Operating Room Fire Scenario” Surgical Endoscopy, January 2018

Fire in the OR provides an unmatched level of realism, delivering rich simulation efficiently, cost effectively and at scale.


  • Identify fire risks
  • Safely manage a surgical fire
  • Be debriefed on their actions
  • And understand the root causes of surgical fires

“Immersive, detailed, and pretty realistic. Much more applicable to real life scenarios than a PEAK module or other passive online learning.”

— Resident, Beta Program User

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